Memorial Service Thursday for Fallen Heroes

Editor's Note: Firehouse Associate Editor Susan Nicol was sent to Texas following the tragic blast on Wednesday night. Stay with for exclusive stories and more. Find full coverage of the West, Texas, Tragedy here.

WEST, TEXAS – A memorial service to honor the first responders killed in the fertilizer plant explosion is set for Thursday at Baylor University in Waco.

Details of the service are still being worked out.

A firefighter with the Texas LODD Task Force has been assigned to each family who lost a responder last Wednesday in the explosion at the local fertilizer company.

The liaison will be assisting the families not only as they make arrangements over the next few days, but in the months and years to come.

The liaisons met Saturday night to go over a few logistical issues, and to get an idea about the proposed memorial service.

All the families of fallen responders and their escorts are meeting Sunday afternoon to learn about the service and transportation.

In addition to the Texas firefighters, an official from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation also has been in town to lend a hand.

John Proels said the Texas team is very well organized, and was established before the NFFF helped create LAST teams across the country.

The LAST team offers its assistance to local fire officials and the families of fallen heroes. 

Wendy Norris, who heads the Texas team, said things have been coming together, but many details have yet to be ironed out.