FDIC 2013 Opens With Keynote Address, Dedication

Sacramento Battalion Chief Anthony Kastros delivered the keynote address at the opening of FDIC in Indianapolis encouraging firefighters to make their own marks in the fire service.

“Training saves seconds and seconds save minutes and minutes save lives,” Kastros said. By way of example, Kastros related a scenario in his own department which occurred in 2010 where a 4-year-old boy was trapped in a heavily involved apartment fire.

With surgical precision, crews executed a vent-enter-isolate-search (VEIS) tactic and saved that boy who suffered no adverse lasting effects from the fire, despite having gone unconscious and pulse less during the rescue.

In four minutes 32 seconds the boy was rescued from the building and placed on a gurney and started receiving care immediate. That, Kastros said, doesn’t just happen by chance, it comes from training and firefighters who are willing to make the commitment to learn and practice.

He also said training is good for the morale of the department and the more realistic the training is, the better it is.

He said every firefighter has that rush after a “good” fire call and that’s because of a release of endorphins, a naturally produced analgesia, which produces a feeling of exhilaration and of well-being.

“Training is what really makes a difference,” Kastros said.