Two Boston Firefighters Hurt During Fatal Blaze

April 28--A resident was killed and at least two firefighters were injured this morning (Sunday) in an Allston fire that sent nine other residents to the hospital, a fire official said.One firefighter fell through a second-story floor while another fell down the stairs, Boston Fire spokesman Steve MacDonald said. Both suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The fire, which started about 6:30 a.m. on Linden Street, fully engulfed the upper floors. One resident jumped from the upper floors while three others were taken down ladders. An BFD aerial tower was unable to reach the upper floors because of power lines, MacDonald said.

"It got so bad that the chief ordered everyone out of the building," MacDonald said. "One resident told us someone was missing. We could not make entry. We knew there was a good possibility we would find someone inside."

Firefighters later found a body in the attic.

As many as 18 people lived in the house, occupying the basement, two main floors and attic, MacDonald said. At least six were Boston University students. BU spokesman Colin Riley said he had no information about the identity of the dead occupant, and it was unknown whether the person was a BU student.

The Linden Street property is listed by the city as a two-family with nine bedrooms and two baths.

It is almost directly across the street from a former apartment house where in January 2012 a BU student was critically injured leaping from a window to escape flames, MacDonald noted.

All that remains of that property is a stone foundation surrounded by fence.

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