Video: Detroit Firefighters Hurt by Falling Debris

Four Detroit firefighters were hurt Wednesday evening when they were showered with debris during a partial collapse.

A dramatic video shows the firefighters being hit by the burning materials as they are on ladders. Both were taken to the hospital for injuries to their backs and neck. One suffered a fractured ankle and a concussion, according to

Rather than wait for an ambulance, all the firefighters, including ones with head injuries, were taken to the hospital in fire engines.

Two firefighters were badly injured by the falling debris including one who was on the ground.

The video shows frantic firefighters dragging the firefighter out of the way in case more debris would fall.

Reporters on the scene described it: "That firefighter appeared knocked out – but then he opened his eyes. Bricks came crashing down on top of the firefighter on the ladder, knocking his helmet off, his head battered by debris. He looked stunned. They are both hospitalized in serious condition with what is described as closed head injuries."

Two other firefighters suffered hand and shoulder injuries. Firefighters did not wait for medics to arrive; all four were transported to the hospital on fire engines.