Irate Motorist Points Gun at Detroit Firefighters

An irate motorist who apparently didn't want to take a detour is accused of aiming a gun at Detroit firefighters early Sunday.

"I was around the corner taking off my fire gear when I heard our driver yell, 'Gun!'" firefighter Bruce McMurtry of Engine 56 told The Detroit News.  "Nobody flinched or ran. We were basically like, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen."

Crews had been on the scene of the house fire for about an hour when the resident drove up to encounter hoses spread on the street.

Firefighters told the man to drive around the block because driving over the hoses could damage the equipment, the paper reported.

"No shots fired, but he was pretty adamant the way he was waving the gun out window and aiming at people," McMurtry said.

As the crew stood still, the man drove over the hose lines and parked at a nearby home.

Firefighters reported the incident, and the man was arrested.