'BURN' Movie Producers Talk About Experience

'BURN,' a film that chronicles the lives and work of Detroit firefighters was released today in digital formats and its producers talk about the journey to make it happen.

“Every time we think we’ve gone as far as we can with the project, it’s taken a turn and absolutely amazed us,” Sanchez said.

As for the next project, that too is unwritten.

“Whatever it is, we can’t live off of unemployment and credit cards,” Sanchez quipped.

Whatever is next in the lives for Sanchez and Putnam, they’re pretty certain they won’t be able to recreate the incredible journey that “BURN” has taken them on for the past few years.

“It been an absolutely amazing experience,” Sanchez said.

More information about “BURN” and methods to order the film can be found at www.detroitfirefilm.org. You can also find it at: burn-28.myshopify.com.