D.C. Habor Police Boat Smashes into Two Civilian Vessels

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- D.C. Harbor Police crashed into two boats docked at Washington Harbor in Georgetown Saturday night.

Police aren't talking about it, but witnesses say police were responding to a call when the crash happened.

On video, lights and sirens were on, D.C. Harbor Police slams into two boats including the one that Shawn Kuykendall had docked at Georgetown's Washington Harbor Saturday night.

Shawn, "No pun intended by immediately my heart sank."

Shawn took several of his friends to watch the VA Tech game at Tony and Joes. They were in the restaurant when the crash happened.

"Someone came and said a boat's been hit, this is crazy, we went to check it out thinking let's hope it's not my boat and 100 people crowded around where our boat was. The boat was on its side, hanging, it's whole left side submerged gone and done."

There were efforts to save the boat, but the huge gash was no match. Water poured in and the boat sank.

Witnesses say Harbor Police left so quickly because they were responding to a distress call of people in the water.

One witness says, "He did a full throttle and couldn't control it and crashed."

Shawn says witnesses were telling him, "One backed up the other did a bay watch move and seemingly for show."

In cell phone video, you can hear the officer, on the boat involved in the crash ask one of the boat owners, "are you injured?', OK, then relax."

Metropolitan Police are not confirming if they were responding to an emergency but they do say they are investigating the circumstances of what led up to the accident.

What was worse for Shawn, he was borrowing the boat from the Saunders family, to take his friends out.

"It's not the call you want to make, sorry your boat is sinking."

Sheri Saunders, the boat owner, "It's not his fault, we're glad he wasn't on it."

Crews spent hours on Sunday to raise the boat and tow it away.
No one was on the two boats when police crashed into them.

Saunders, It's okay no one was hurt. It's a boat not a person. Accidents happen, people do stupid things. I'm sure they'll take care of it and make it right."

The U.S. Coast Guard is also investigating the crash.