Ohio Four-year-old Alerts Family to House Fire

There's a little hero running around Middletown, Ohio.

Braydon Gentry, 4,  runs around with a garden hose wearing sneakers with the word "police" on them.

But his actions were more consistent with those of a firefighter, WLWT reported.

Flames and smoke starting filling up inside the Crescent Boulevard home and 4-year-old Brayden saw it and ran to wake his mother.

"This little fellow is a smart little thing," neighbor Kimberly Carroll told the reporter. "What I could see from my door is the fire was coming from the attic."

Braydon and his mother Sherri were able to make it out of the house safely while Damon Neanover and other neighbors broke out windows with a rake to help a man escape.

Neighbor Damon Neanover and a few others helped get Sherri's brother escape.

"There was a lawn rake and we went around the room and busted out the windows," Neanover said.

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