Good Samaritans Save Man From N.Y. Apt. Fire

A man trying to escape a fire in a Manhattan apartment building by dangling out a window was rescued by nearby workers who used a ladder to save the man.

According to a report published by New York television station CBS Local 2, the trapped man was screaming for help when Roscindo Lopez, the superintendent of the adjacent building sprang to action.

Using a ladder to bridge a gap between the building with the dangling man and the fire escape the rescuers were using, another man, Guardencio Portillo walked across the bridged ladder and brought the man to safety, crossing the makeshift platform, according to the television station.

As the two men walked back to the fire escape on the ladder, FDNY firefighters arrived to help with the rescue. News reports say the rescued man suffered minor injuries and was hospitalized for treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The whole rescue was captured on a cell phone video recorder and widely distributed.

The men who performed the heroic act did not consider themselves heroes, but were pleased the man was OK.