Car Slams into N.C. Firehouse During Chase

A high-speed pursuit ended at the Lenoir, N.C. firehouse Tuesday afternoon when the car slammed through the bay doors and hit a fire truck.

No firefighters were hurt, but the couple in the car being pursued were seriously injured, according to

The impact was so hard the convertible actually knocked the 30,000-pound fire truck several feet, the station reported.

"We saw it coming toward the building and I told everyone. I said some poor choice of terminology and we jumped into the ready room. Still some of the wreckage debris still came into the ready room," Lenoir Deputy Chief Ken Hair told reporters.

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The high-speed pursuit started about two and half miles away along Hickory Boulevard near the intersection of McClain Drive. Police say it was part of an undercover drug operation in Lenoir when the driver took off.