National Fire Academy Classes Resume Nov. 3

EMMITSBURG -- The pace has picked up here in the past few days to get things ready for classes to resume at the National Fire Academy.

Contractors and staff have been busy tending to functions necessary to bring students back to campus after the government shutdown.

Courses at Emergency Management Institute start next week, while NFA students will begin their studies on Nov. 3.

"EMI conducts week-long classes, while the fire academy courses are typically two weeks," explained Tom Olshanski, USFA spokesman.

He added that the housekeeping staff and others have been busy since returning to campus last week.

About 174 students attending NFA classes were sent packing earlier this month after Congress' failure to reach an agreement resulted in a government shutdown.

While some were winding down with only days left in classes, others have to finish homework in order to receive their certificates.

Despite the lockout, the families of fallen firefighters were allowed to visit the national memorial honoring their heroes.

The two-hour opportunity was granted following the work of USFA Administrator Ernie Mitchell, FEMA Director Craig Fugate and Congressman Steny Hoyer, D-Md.