JetBlue Debuts Plane Dedicated to FDNY

A low flying plane along New York City's skyline on Wednesday was a moving tribute to New York's Bravest.

The "'Blue Bravest" themed plane is an Airbus 320 painted red and adorned with the FDNY patch on the tail. It was created in a partnership between JetBlue Airways and the FDNY Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises funds for training and education of firefighters and residents of New York City. 

"We are New York's Hometown Airline, we not only work here, we live here too," JetBlue Airways CEO Dave Barger said.  "On a daily basis we see the hard work of firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians who help keep our city safe. We appreciate their dedication and are excited to support our hometown heroes in a very JetBlue way. We've substituted our namesake blue and painted this airplane red, a special honor just for the FDNY Foundation." 

The plane flew from New Mexico and arrived in New York City, shortly after sunrise. People watched from New York and New Jersey as the plane approached New York City.

FDNY firefighters from Rescue 4 and other companies were at Kennedy International Airport when the plane touched down. It was brought into a hangar for a formal dedication.

"JetBlue has shown they are true friends of the department through their generous support of the FDNY Foundation," said Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. "Now, with this incredible aircraft, JetBlue has created an outstanding tribute to the 15,000 members of the FDNY and the life-saving work they perform every single day."


According to a release from JetBlue, more than 200 retired FDNY members work for the airline.