Omaha IAFF Fighting Proposed Layoffs of 19

Pink slips were delivered to 19 Omaha firefighters Monday, but the IAFF is fighting to keep the crews on the street.

Negotiations are underway between Mayor Jean Stothert and Union President Steve LeClair. But, they are pointing fingers at each other saying it's they other's to keep it from happening, according to The World Herald.

The layoffs of the probationary firefighters are set to be effective Jan. 4. Stothert said significant cuts are necessary to help balance the fire department budget. 

The mayor also promised not to lay off firefighters in 2015 if the department could stay within its $90.6M budget, the paper reported. 

While LeClair said they are willing to cut paramedic training in half, with one class of 12 starting in January and another of 12 in December 2014. 

LeClair said the union has some requests as well including a provision that would block the mayor from taking any rigs permanently out of service, with the exception of one medic unit based in South Omaha. Also, they want the city to agree not to lay off any firefighters — including the new hires — for the life of the contract, according to the newspaper..