December Firehouse Tablet App Out

Grab your iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom or Nexus Android tablet and download the December edition of the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet App. 

Many of the articles in this edition are only available via the Firehouse Tablet App, including: 

in this month's cover story, by Deputy Chief Jeffrey Pindelski focuses on the ground breaking research being conducted by the Underwriters Laboratories.

"What UL is doing is going to change the way America's Fire Service approaches and fights fires," Pindelski said. "The new science is making us change our current policies and this is an area where all fire departments need to be on the same page."

The article includes a video from a recent test burn.

Virginia Secretary of Public Safety Director Marla Graff Decker outlines the means to develop the next generation of officers. Included with this story is a podcast interview with Graff.

While we approach the new year, see Dr. Richard Gasaway's "10 Tips" series and learn how you can improve your customer service skills.  

Bob Duemmel's series on the development of a technical rescue team continues as he explains the need to develop procedures and policies. 

If your department doesn't have a true truck company or if they don't always arrive with the first-due engine, Ryan Pennington's article "Truck Operations for the Engine Company" is a must-read. He review tactics and tools that your crews should be able to use on the next fire run.

Timothy Szymanski examines the role of engineering, enforcement and education in fire and life safety. He has also compiled an in-depth look at fire safety for the aging population. 

In addition to the iPad, you can download the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet App and view it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Zoom and the Nexus Android. Grab your tablet and find the November edition on the iTunes store or download on Google Play.