N.C. Firefighter Dies After Becoming Ill at Station

A firefighter with the Swift Creek (N.C.) Fire Department died in the line of duty after reporting he was feeling ill while working with his crew members on Wednesday morning.

According to the United States Fire Administration, Firefighter Jon F. Schondelmayer was found unresponsive at his home after he reported he was headed there from the station to get medicine.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 18, Schondelmayer began to feel ill at the station and said he was going home to get medication and return. His crew members were concerned when he left and called him on his cell phone. While on the phone, he reported he needed assistance.

Simultaneously, a firefighter was sent to his residence. That firefighter found Schondelmayer unresponsive and called for additional help to give medical aid. Responders worked for 50 minutes trying to revive the fallen firefighter but he died as a result “from a nature and cause of injury still to be determined and reported,” according to the USFA.

Schondelmayer was also a fire captain with the Cary (N.C.) Fire Department and had just come off a busy shift with that department, included several emergency response runs before beginning duty that day with the Swift Creek Rural Fire Department.

Firehouse.com will provide more information as it becomes available.