No Rescue Needed at Ga. Holiday Lights Display

A passerby called for help when they saw a "person" hanging from a window in Gwinnett County.

There's a new "Christmas Story" for some emergency responders in Gwinnett County after  one man's Christmas decorations caused a stir. 

Residents in the ?Berkeley Lake community adorn their yard with decorations and homeowner Bubba Murphy took them to task, according to WSB-TV.

His display included a mannequin, covered in Christmas lights, hanging from an upper floor window. A fallen ladder was positioned below the mannequin.

A passerby called 911 to summon help to the home. Police and fire crews descended on the scene.

“I opened the door, there were  fire trucks, ambulance, fire marshal, police car and six fire men,” Murphy told WSB-TV. 

“Oh my gosh, she apologized to myself, my wife, the firemen, and the fire marshal,” Murphy said of the 911 caller.

He said he plans to take down the display.