Recall -- A Look at Fire Stories This Week

A number of stories made it to website this week.

A preliminary report shows 101 firefighters died on duty in 2013, the highest number in a few years.

On a related note, Cosmo Paris, 59, a volunteer in New Jersey was the first firefighter this year while serving his community of 

And, North Carolina residents turned out for a ceremony to name a bridge for a beloved fire chief  killed while responding to an emergency in 2012. 

Evans Crossroads Chief Sam Butler died in a wreck. 

In one Washington jurisdiction, no firefighters were injured at a house -- because none responded.

Despite numerous 911 calls, no fire trucks turned a wheel and the house burned to the ground.

Also this week, Polar Vortex was front and center.

Chances are this time last week few had never heard of it.

Fire and rescue personnel across the country are now very familiar with it.

Efforts to respond, fight fires and assist people was more than challenging over the past few days as the majority of the nation was in a deep freeze.

Just a few of the stories include

Va. Fire Truck Gets Stuck in Sink Hole.

Weather Puts Strain on Toledo Firefighters

Cold Kentucky Escapee Surrenders 

Polar Vortex Leaves Deaths

The forest service also is seeking $6.3M from a 77-year-old man who accidentally started a wildfire.