Recall: What Topics Were Hot This Week

Fire service news was all over the spectrum this past week.

A graphic video released by the family of a teen run over and killed by fire apparatus as she was on the ground shows the firefighter was warned about her presence. He stopped, but moments later proceeded and struck her.

CBS News, who received the video, did not show the fire trucks actually running over the girl.

The question of patient abandonment also is being raised as at least five firefighters looked at the injured teen, but none checked her.

The family has filed a suit against the city claiming the responders were negligent and not trained properly.

Also this week, Mass. firefighters lauded for saving a dog from an icy pond won’t be setting sail as planned.

Ellen DeGeneres surprised the firefighters with a cruise for braving the elements to save man’s best friend.

But, ethics law sunk the trip, and they won’t be going aboard after all.

And, while Christmas is over, some have found themselves on Santa’s naughty list.

A Christmas Eve message over the emergency operations channel in rural West Virginia was apparently heard elsewhere.

As a result, two Grant County dispatchers who keyed the mic to remind folks about the true meaning of Christmas are now looking for work.  They are fighting to keep their jobs.

Meanwhile, a South Carolina fire chief who allowed Santa to ride in the back of a pickup in a parade has been suspended.

Even though the truck was owned by the volunteer department, county officials took issue with the Santa’s mode of transportation.

Some readers have questioned the decision wondering why it’s OK for those Starr firefighters to go into burning buildings but not ride in a truck dressed like Santa.

In an unrelated issue, the Sana Ana winds were the firefighters’ enemy after three men tossed paper into a campfire.

The resulting wildfire has destroyed homes and continues to spread.The historic Singer Mansion was damaged.