W.Va. Teens Killed in Fire Truck Crash Remembered

New Manchester, W.Va. firefighters are grieving along with residents for three teens killed in head-on collision with a fire truck Saturday night.

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The teens -- all 16 -- were headed to an Oak Glen High School sporting event when the crash occurred.

Hancock County Sheriff Ralph Fletcher told reporters says Krystan Butcher was driving a vehicle southbound when she pulled into the northbound lane attempting to overtake another vehicle.

"Evidence on the roadway, in conjunction with the witness statements, indicates the passenger vehicle attempted to pull back into the southbound lane, however unsuccessfully," the sheriff told WTOV reporters.

The vehicle struck the New Manchester fire truck that was responding to a chimney fire.

Butcher and Kaylin Blake Rice were pronounced dead at the scene, while John Snow died at East Liverpool Hospital. 

Three firefighters were taken to the hospital for treatment. They were later released.

The fire department released a statement about the crash saying: "Our thoughts and concerns go out to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific incident as well as the firefighters and emergency responders who were involved and assisted..."

“This event will have a lasting and far-reaching impact on our community with the lives of many people involved both directly and indirectly changed forever."