Recall: What Made Headlines This Past Week

Firefighters in New York were quick to heap praise on a boy who perished while trying to rescue his disabled grandfather.

"He saved six people. They all would have died if he hadn't woken up," said Penfield Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer.

Read about the little hero.

Tyler Doohan’s body was found in a back bedroom close to that of his grandfather. An uncle also perished in the fire.

Doohan, 8, was awaken by a burning blanket on his cousin’s bed.

Photos of the smiling boy have been viewed more than a million times, and a fund established in hopes of raising $5,000 for funeral expenses exceeded that several times over.

Tragedy also struck north of the border at a home for elderly citizens.

Nearly 30 seniors, many disabled or ill, are still missing after their home in Quebec was engulfed in flames. The search continued Friday in what now looks like an ice palace.

Five people were confirmed dead and 20 others were injured.

Reports indicated there were few staff members on duty for the residents many of whom were disabled, in wheelchairs or bed-ridden.

At a bio-diesel plant, firefighters took a defensive approach in Mississippi.

A fireball explosion occurred, and the plant was engulfed in flames for hours. The decision by fire crews possibly saved lives as two blasts occurred many hours after the fire started.

There were no injuries.

And, while crews across the nation were dealing with frozen hydrants, icy fire grounds and fierce winds, others were in sunny, warm Florida for the annual FDSOA conference.

That’s where some of the latest tools to help firefighters do their jobs were unveiled.

Take a look at some of the items unveiled. 

Also at the symposium, Mitch Perry, a mechanic with Clay County, Fla., Fire Rescue, was lauded for his work. 

Perry was named the Emergency Vehicle Technician of the Year.