Vegas 911 Dispatcher Who Hung Up Beats Odds -- Still on Radio

A 911 dispatcher is still on the job after hanging up on a caller who found his mother dead. 

An internal investigation was reportedly underway by Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, and the 911 dispatcher faces corrective action, according to KLAS..

The recording of the call reveals how it begins according to procedure but then takes a shocking turn midway through:

Operator: "I need a building number."

Caller: "Please!"

Operator: "Is she breathing at all?"

Caller: "No! She's purple!"

Operator: "Ok, you don't have to holler at me, I didn't do it."

Caller: "F-word you bitch!"

Operator: "Bye!"

The dispatcher disconnects the line, hanging up on the frantic man. However, the original Metro dispatcher remained on the line.

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