N.Y. Boy Who Died During Rescue Saluted as Honorary Firefighter

A boy who perished trying to rescue his disabled grandfather from a trailer fire was given a final salute by firefighters Wednesday.

Tyler Doohan was named an honorary firefighter by Penfield Fire Chief Christopher Ebmyer.

Support for the boy who died after alerting six family members to the fire before trying to save his grandfather has come from all corners of the world. Firefighters posted messages and photos dedicated to the hero on the Penfield Facebook page.the chief told mourners.

His name has been added to the logbook of those who responded to the fire last Monday, and a special red helmet was made in his honor.

Uniformed firefighters lined the aisles in the church, and saluted as his family left.

Here's what Ebmyer told the crowd at the funeral:

"Early last Monday morning three people were lost in a horrible tragedy. These three were taken far too soon from those who loved them. This loss has not only been difficult for the family, but for all those who responded to the call for help.

As details emerged early on, it was clear that Tyler Doohan played a heroic role in helping save 6 members of his family. He did this with the courage and valor not found in many people. \

When it came to saving himself he didn’t. Instead, he found the strength and bravery to try to rescue his grandfather. 

In doing so, he payed the ultimate sacrifice.

Since this tragedy, the word of Tyler’s heroism has spread not only within our local community, but throughout the world. 

His picture and the story of his bravery were featured on the front page of hundreds of news papers, blogs, and websites. 

The outpouring of thoughts and prayers from the Firefighting community has been immense. All of these calls, emails, and text messages essentially say the same thing. That Tyler Doohan should be recognized as a hero for his actions during this tragedy.

As Chief of the Penfield Fire Company, I hereby bestow upon Tyler Doohan the title of “Honorary Firefighter”.

At such a young age, Tyler displayed the courage that most adults do not possess. Tyler accomplished more in 8 years, than most will accomplish in a lifetime. 

He did not die in vain; instead he showed millions of people an example of what a true hero is. 
We need more people like Tyler in this world. 

May he rest in peace and the memory of Tyler stay with us forever.

At this time I would like to present the family with a Fire Helmet personalized with his name.

I can only hope that it may give the family some comfort knowing that Firefighter Doohan has entered into the brotherhood of firefighters that have passed before him, and that he will be protected by them for eternity."