D.C. Lt. Submits Retirement Papers Amid Probe

A D.C. fire lieutenant at the center of a neglect probe has reportedly submitted her retirement paperwork.

FOX 5 News reported Friday afternoon that Lt. Kellene Davis, relieved of her command this week, has given her retirement papers. 

Earlier this week, she and a firefighter were placed on leave pending the outcome of a probe about why firefighters didn't go across the street to help a man, who later died.

The lieutenant will be on desk duty, according to WRC.

On Saturday, a 77-year-old man collapsed in a shopping center directly across from the fire house.

A firefighter, believed to be the one standing at the station who didn't respond to repeated pleas, also has been placed on leave, according to news reports.

The man received treatment only after a D.C. police officer flagged down a passing ambulance. But, it was too late. The city worker was in cardiac arrest, and died.

"Everything I'm seeing about it is absolutely an absurdity," D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said Wednesday. "I talked to his daughter last night who is absolutely beside herself."

Gray called the incident “an outrage.” He says it's under investigation and “people will be held accountable.” He said those involved failed to show “common decency.”

One of the questions officials want answered is whether the 911 dispatcher deployed the wrong station, confusing Rhode Island Avenue NE with Rhode Island Avenue NW. local media reported.

"Our duty is to respond to all requests for emergency assistance," read a statement from D.C. Fire and EMS spokesman Tim Wilson. "If it is determined that proper protocols were not followed at the conclusion of our investigation, then appropriate action will be taken."