W.Va. Firefighters Hurt, One Falls Through Window

A Brookhaven firefighter fell through a window and into a burning stairwell before he was grabbed by another firefighter. Both men were injured.

A firefighter burned while fighting a blaze on Dug Hill Road Thursday morning, fell after entering what was thought to be a second-floor bedroom window.

The window was actually in the home's stairwell, according to information released Friday by Assistant State Fire Marshal Mackey Ayersman.

Brookhaven Volunteer Firefighter Josh White fell from the window into the stairs, where fellow Brookhaven Firefighter Skylar McCormick grabbed him and pulled him from the burning house.

Both men suffered burns to their ears, hands and lower backs and were taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital by Mon EMS.

McCormick was initially treated and released while White was later transferred to the West Penn Burn Center in Pittsburgh, where he remains in fair condition. McCormick was also treated at the West Penn Burn Center.

According to Ayersman, the fire started in the wall behind the kitchen sink. The home's occupants were using a heat gun to thaw out some copper and PVC water and drain lines when the fire started.

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