Md. EMT Assaulted While Searching Home for Patient

A Maryland EMT was assaulted Saturday morning while searching a home for a patient.

It started when crews were dispatched to a house near Cabin John for an automatic medical alarm. The alarm company instructed them how to enter the house through the front door, according to WTTG.

Once they breached,  the alarm started blaring.

The firefighters and EMTs spread out in the house looking for their patient. A female EMT was searching the second floor when the homeowner confronted her thinking she was a burglar. During the scuffle, she suffered back and shoulder injuries, reports indicated. 

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She was transported to a hospital for treatment, and later released. 

Fire officials said the residents weren't aware their elderly family member, who lives in the lower part of the house, had activated her medic alert alarm. She also was transported to the hospital.

Although police were called when the fight broke out, no one has pressed any charges.