Texas Firefighter Without License Wrecks Tanker on Call


A rural Texas community is a fire truck down since a crash.

The person behind the wheel was an 18-year-old without a license. But, he has the full support of his chief.

Rio Bravo's Chief Julio Gonzalez told a KGNS reporter:  "As far as I know in the state of Texas a volunteer can drive to the scene if it's an emergency. Only to the scene. After that, a licensed driver will drive the truck back."

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The chief added that particular night the station was short staffed and the teen was the only one there. 

"It wasn't the first time he drove the truck, there’s training in place and certifications. I'm very disciplined with my guys," he said.

The chief said it was just an accident, and added he will apply for grants to replace the tanker.