Tenn. Program Offers Responder's Vital Data on Drivers

A yellow sticker on a rear window notifies responders that pertinent medical information is in the vehicle.

Feb. 07--Collecting vital information about vehicle accident victims may be just a matter of recognizing a round yellow sticker thanks to a new program designed to inform emergency workers quickly and more efficiently.

The Maury County Fire Department is now one of the agencies participating in the Tennessee Yellow DOT Program, an initiative that informs paramedics a vehicle's occupant is storing medical information inside.

"This is an easy way to access medical history to see if a condition could be an underlying cause to a crash, especially when a victim may be unconscious or unable to speak," Brian McCandless, a firefighter and paramedic, said. "It also gives us what we need without it being a burden on the citizen when we have to ask a lot of questions."

McCandless said the program is especially geared toward senior citizens who now can come to Fire Station 1 at 1257 Mapleash Ave. just off Tom Hitch Parkway, to register for the program.

Participants fill out information sheets that include emergency contact information, a medical history, information about recent surgeries, hospital preferences, allergies, current medication, insurance and physician information and a personal photo. The information is put in a folder that is placed in the glove department inside the vehicle.

A round, yellow sticker is then attached to the driver's side rear window so emergency workers can easily recognized program participants. Citizens who want to participate may bring a current photograph with them or a photograph can be taken at the station, McCandless said.

He said the program is becoming quite popular across the state, causing a temporary shortage of information packets. However, the Maury County station currently has 25 packets and a request for more is pending with the Tennessee Department of Transportation, he said.

McCandless said he is working to create a partnership in hopes of being able to conduct registration workshops at the Maury County Senior Citizens Center.

For more information contact the Maury County Fire Department at 931-381-3366.

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