Surviving Az. Hot Shot to Help Those with PTSD

The only member of the Granite Mountain Hotshots to survive the tragic Yarnell Hill Fire will be working with firefighters who suffer from on the job stress.

Brendan McDonough? is going to be working with Wildland Firefighter Foundation in Boise.

He wants to help others firefighters who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

"It's been real tough, there are still things that play off in my head that I remember," McDonough told KREM-TV.

"I was able to really let a lot of things go that I couldn't tell other people, I was able to open up and feel happy."

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He said that the foundation has helped him overcome the loss of his 19 crewmates last June. That's what sparked his interest in working with them.

Through his new role, he will share his experiences with others who the loss of loved ones or become overwhelmed with the stress of the job.

"It gives me a way to give back, and I'm really lucky to be here and continue to give back to the community like others have given to me," said McDonough.