Charmin Helping Save Firefighters' Butts

Does your fire station have John Wayne toilet paper, the kind that is rough and tough and doesn’t take you know what off anyone?

Or is your department like Detroit and has none, at least before they receive a little help from friends.

Charmin wants to save firefighters’ butts, pun intended, and give away bunches of toilet paper to deserving departments that are more often focused on saving other’s backsides than their own.

Through an effort called “Charmin Relief Project,” Charmin and its parent company Proctor and Gamble are giving away bathroom tissue to deserving firefighters and departments across the country.

“Charmin wants to bring relief to the women and men who put their behinds on the line every day,” said Laura Dressman, Charmin Communications Manager. “We want to help. We’re always hoping to make the bathroom experience more enjoyable. We want people to enjoy the go anytime, anywhere.”

Dressman said Charmin first became concerned with protecting firefighters’ backsides when Detroit made a plea for essentials that went viral in Oct. 2012. Thousands of people nationwide responded with offers of so much stuff, the department was overwhelmed.

Charmin was one of the respondents.

“We had one of our drivers travel eight hours to deliver 70,000 rolls of toilet paper to Detroit,” Dressman said.  (see story here)

Dressman also pointed out Proctor & Gamble has given away 223,000 rolls of toilet paper through its Mobile Relief Center, deployed at national disasters, like Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana.

In this latest “movement” Charmin is asking for firefighters and citizens to tell them about situations were fire departments might need a bit of relief in the form of some soft TP.

Through Charmin’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, Dressman said the company is hoping to hear about bathroom needs. She said it’s not a competitive competition and the deadline is “open ended” meaning the company can choose randomly where and when it might decide to show up and toilet paper, literally, a fire station.

“We really like to surprise and delight people,” Dressman said, noting that in the business of selling products to take care of, well, other people’s business, they have to be “playful.”

And, indeed, that’s what they did when they showed up and filmed a commercial at the Moonachie (N.J.) Fire Department after delivering 10,000 rolls of toilet paper to the department.

“Holy Charmin,” exclaims one excited firefighter as the bay doors roll up revealing the donation the company made through its Charmin Relief Project.

Dressman acknowledge that was a lot of toilet paper, but says the contribution is scalable to the department’s needs.

“We consider what the needs,” she said.

Ultimately the goal, Dressman said, is to have everyone, including firefighter, enjoy the go.

“We realize that fire stations are homes away from homes for firefighters and we want them to have a pleasant bathroom experience, anytime, anywhere.”

To tell Charmin about a deserving fire department go to Charmin’s Relief Page on Facebook. Or you can Tweet them from your (toilet) seat at