New Fire Products Featured at Firehouse World

Among the hundreds of vendors who participated in Firehouse World, several were featuring brand new products ranging from hand purifying solutions to roof ventilation props.

Shows are always good venues to learn what's new in the industry and Firehouse World is no exception.

Unication featured the fire service’s first submersible voice pager. The G1 is waterproof, dustproof, Bluetooth compatible, voice memo, voice storage, it can handle up to 64 channels, runs on AAA batteries, and receives text messages.  For more information visit

Scotty Firefighter featured a “through-the-pump” foam educator and mixer. The unit educts foam concentrate into hose lines through a pump’s suction and discharge sides also known as an “around-the-pump system. It will educt concentrates at percentages of 0 percent to 3.75 percent at flow rates from 15 to 125 gpm at 100 psi. It includes an 18-inch pressure hose and a 48-hose foam pick-up hose. For more information visit

Argus demonstrated what they are calling the world’s smallest thermal imaging camera. Called the Mi-TIC, the new camera has a five-second start-up time, weighs approximately 1.5 pounds, uses a 320 by 240 uncooled sensor, has direct temperature measurement, an available digital zoom and can clearly view extremely high temperatures (up to 2,000 degrees) without white out and still pick up low temperature objects. For more information visit

Qore Systems demonstrated a antimicrobial hand purifier, called Qore-24 that is more than a sanitizer and eliminates 99.99 percent of bacteria, viruses and fungus. It forms a 24-hour barrier. The manufacturer says it is the world’s first and only hand purifier that offers instant disinfection and 24-hours of continuous protection against germs. Amosil-Q is a patented antimicrobial barrier that safely kills germs by tearing them apart on contact. For more information visit

True North was showing off some new wildland clothing, including pants and shirt, that are designed meet or beat the time-tested forest service standards offering a enhance comfort and durability as well as a dash of style. Called the Dragon Slayer the pants and shirts are available in different fabrics and colors. For more information visit

BA Fire Tools featured a multi-tool designed for everyday use in the fire service industry. It can be used for pulling sheetrock, prying studs, deflating tires for stabilization and shutting off gas valves. The T-Handle can be used for forcible entry, fulcrum for quick lifts, striking and making purchase points. For more information visit

Storm King Mountain featured a Raindance R3 Aerial Incendiary Machine, a new era for rotary wing incendiary dispensing devices. The device is used for prescribed burning activities by dropping 6 to 240 shots per minute in 45 increments of six. It also has auto and manual single shot drop capabilities.  It is small enough for single person operations and installs in most turbine helicopters. For more information visit

Rhodium Incident Management showed off a new interactive digital command board which replaces outdated command and accountability. It is vital for day-to-day incident response, tactical incident response, special event planning and management, scenario-based training and table top exercises. For more information visit

CB2 Industries LLC showcased VENTPROP, a training device used to teach firefighters how to vent roofs while making more efficient use of plywood. Users can expect to get up to 16 ventilation cuts per 4x8 foot sheets of OSB. The device uses smaller strips of OSB giving 12 strips per sheet. The strips are bolted in place and replaced after each cut. For more information visit