Coming Soon -- Tampa 2 Summit

Fire service officials from across the nation are returning to Tampa next week to review their work – The 16 Life Safety Initiatives.

It’s been 10 years since those guidelines to prevent firefighter injuries and deaths were crafted.

While many of the original group will be in attendance, there also will be new faces.

“We’re looking for new ideas, and we need to get new people involved in this mission,” explained NFFF Executive Director Ron Siarnicki.

The 337 attendees will be divided into 10 groups addressing specific topics related to the initiatives.

“We’re asking them to look at the core issues and discuss what needs to be tweaked or adjusted. Is it working now? What’s changed?”

Siarnicki said he anticipates groups will be busy as each is charged to establish recommendations.

Each group will report their work at the end of the conference on Wednesday afternoon.

A final document will then prepared.

Survivors of fallen firefighters also will be participating in the discussions and decisions. Siarnicki said it’s important to have them not only attend, but offer input.

One common theme surfaced during the original summit in 2004 as well as five years later – the need for a change in culture.