Cop Cuffs La. Firefighter at EMS Call


A volunteer firefighter who was treating a patient was cuffed by a Louisiana police officer Monday night because he didn't move his fire truck.

Both a neighbor and a medic who witnessed the confrontation in New Roads told WBRZ reporters it was the most unprofessional incident they had ever seen. 

Witnesses said it stemmed from the firefighter refusing to move his fire truck because he was rendering aid to the patient.

"This is very disheartening, very disappointing and very embarrassing," Joyce Harris said of the incident that unfolded at her neighbor's house.

A surveillance cameras at the Housing Authority in New Roads captured it all. The fire truck, with its emergency lights activated, was parked as the firefighter was with the patient. 

Harris said that the moment the New Roads officer showed up he demanded that the volunteer firefighter move his truck from the street as the lights flashed. When he didn't, he was placed in handcuffs and put in the back of a police car for nearly 15 minutes.

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"I think what his problem was, was an ego thing," Harris told the reporters. "He's not listening to me because I'm in authority and he should have moved faster when I told him to. I don't think it was fair. I don't think that's right."

At least one paramedic who could not go on camera told News 2 it was one of the most unprofessional things he's witnessed in his career.

Police Chief Kevin McDonald told the station it's been resolved, adding that the officer won't be disciplined.

Harris, however, said he should be fired.

On the other side of the country, a California firefighter who was cuffed for not moving a fire truck at a crash scene filed a claim this week.

But, the firefighter said he'll settle for a change in behavior and attitude from CHP.