Houston Captain Talks About Dramatic Rescue

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The firefighter who made the dramatic rescue just in the nick of time Tuesday afternoon praised  his crew for the successful effort.

Houston Senior Captain Brad Hawthorne told KPRC reporters he wasn't the only one who deserves credit.

The rescue -- caught on video by a woman in a nearby building -- showed the construction worker drop from one ledge to another as flames lick. Shortly thereafter, a ladder extends to reach him, and residents wonder aloud if it's long enough.

"I said, 'alright...come on,' He had to make a leap, he kind of jumped and grabbed on.  I said, 'Hang on!'"

He leaped, and not too soon. 

"Within a couple of seconds the roof caved in and the whole fifth floor went out," Hawthorne said. "It was pretty hairy. Just the noise from the fire, the cracking and popping of all that wood...it was pretty loud."

He said it was a team effort, and praised fellow firefighters from Station 18. 

Dwayne Wyble was behind the wheel of truck, and correctly placed the ladder.

The reporters noted that the firefighters have more than 25 years experience each, and admit their adrenaline was pumping. 

"This is one of the fastest fires I've ever been to.  It ran the whole roof of the building so fast. Seconds count," said Hawthorne.