Kentucky Firehouse Damaged by Blaze

Kentucky firefighters didn't believe what they were hearing on their monitors on Monday.

"Kinda shocking to hear it coming across the pager when it's your department," said Crofton Volunteer Fire Department assistant chief Jeremy Marlar told WSMV reporters. "You're just thinking, 'Man, did I really just hear that right? Is that our department they're paging out to?' "

Actually, they heard it right.

A short in the wiring sparked a fire that destroyed the fire truck, and caused damage to the firehouse. 

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Marlar added that the fire left "tires busted, a fire hose charred and large chunks of the ceiling caved in."

"The truck's totaled out," he said. "Then the truck next to it has some cosmetic damage to it, maybe some wiring problems too."

Neighboring departments have offered to lend a hand.