'Bored' Teen Set Blaze That Trapped NYPD Officers

The distraught mother of one of the officers nearly killed lashed out at the teen.

At the suspect’s building, one neighbor called him “a quiet kid.

“The family has been here for years. Sometimes you run around with the wrong crowd,’’ said Elly Torres, 38, who lives on the 13th floor.

“I prayed for the officers before I went to bed,’’ she said.

A tenant-association leader, Wanda Feliciano, said it wasn’t the first time a firebug had struck there.

“We had two fires in this building, it happened before,’’ she asid.

The cops walked into “a death trap’’ by taking the elevator, said resident Robert Maldonado, 50. “I feel bad for [them].’’

Louise Harrington, a 70-year-old resident from the 14th floor, added, “It hurts that two police officers come here to save our lives and they are the ones getting hurt.”

“I pray they recover. I’m quite sure they didn’t know this would happen to them.”