Download Today: New Firehouse Tablet App Edition

The April edition of the Firehouse Limited Edition Tablet App is now available to download and it is filled a variety of topics and features a new column.

We introduce a new column, "From the Office of the Operational Medical Director," by Dr. Scott Weir and Dr. Dan Avstreih. The two head serve as the operational medical directors in Fairfax County, Va. For their first column, they create a level of expectation for fire and EMS providers who provide medical care. 

An enhanced version of "Guntshots at the Century 16" details the efforts by Aurora, Colo., firefighters who responded to the movie theater shooting in August 2012. Deputy Chief John Scott shares what crews encountered and how they assessed, treated and transported dozens of patients. The department also shares the lessons learned from the incident that took 12 lives and left more than 70 injured.

Dr. Richard Gasaway's 10 Tips series focuses on ways to become a better instructor.

"When I'm on the road, I often get asked how to better prepare as a teacher or instructor," Gasaway said. "These tips come from various personal lessons and interactions with others I meet while I'm on the road presenting."

Ryan Pennington's "Views From the Jumpseat" column explains the three levels of air management from the firefighter to the chief officer. 

In his first article for the app, Jonathan Hall explains why firefighters should carry five door chocks.  

"I've seen chocks and wedges carried in so many spots on a firefighter, but when you ask them where they are used, their responses vary greatly," Hall said. He explains how where each chock should be deployed as a hoseline is stretched. 

This month's cover story looks at the March 26 fire that killed two Boston firefighters.

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