Charmin Gives Five Fire Departments New Bathrooms

There are an estimated 48,000 bathrooms in fire stations across the nation. Five of those are just a little nicer now, thanks to Charmin’s continued effort with the company’s firefighter relief campaign.

The fire stations given a bathroom make over this spring were selected from the 50 fire stations (one in each state) that received some of the nearly 50,000 rolls of toilet paper donated by Charmin last year.

Those stations receiving bathroom improvements were: Blades, Del., Volunteer Fire Department; the Village of Bellwood, Ill. Fire Department; Henry County, Ga. Fire Department; Rio Rancho, N.M., Fire & Rescue; and the Okeecheobee, Fla. Fire Department.

Charmin picked the stations receiving the toilet paper and the bathroom make overs by asking their consumers to share stories through Facebook and Twitter about their local firehouse bathrooms.

Charmin found that many fire stations and firefighters do not have satisfactory necessities like clean bathrooms with quality amenities including working faucets, hot water and decent toilet paper.

“When I found out that Charmin was going to be upgrading our bathroom, it was a total shock to me,” said Charles Howard, a firefighter with the Henry County Fire Department. “It was a pleasant surprise because we kind of needed it. …The current bathroom just had a horrible smell that was like …grrrr.”

Firefighter Jason Mullinax, also of Henry County Fire Department, had a similar reaction.

“It’s just run down and old because of all the people we have in the station,” Mullinax said.

Brandi Luce, a firefighter with Rio Rancho Fire & Rescue, said the bathroom at her station was also long overdue for a makeover.

“It will be nice to have a bit nicer spot,” Luce said.

Charmin worked with local contractors to redo the bathrooms in each of the communities to give the staff a bit of home in their work place. And, it seems the firefighters at the stations receiving the makeovers were impressed.

“I am flat out amazed at what it looked like before to what it looks like now,” said Howard. “It’s rather astounding.”

Capt. Jason DeBerg of the Rio Rancho Fire & Rescue was so excited at the big bathroom reveal, he let an expletive slip.

“Now we’ll have our own little place to go in and do our biz and get a little bit of privacy,” DeBerg said.

DeBerg’s colleague Luce was equally appreciative.

“I like the mirrors too,” Luce said. “It makes it a little more homey.”

And that was the point, according to Charmin. The company wanted to provide firefighters with the comforts of home.

“Charmin is taking a moment to thank America’s bravest men and women – firefighters – by making their firehouses a little bit homier,” said Laura Dressman, Charmin Communications Manager at P&G. “The station often serves as a home away from home, yet many firefighters don’t have satisfactory necessities.”

Dressman said Charmin not only updated the bathroom features, the company worked with contractors to incorporate elements inspired by the firefighters’ own homes into the restrooms.

She said it was part of the Charmin Relief Project which “provides a better bathroom experience anytime, anywhere.”