Ga Chief, Volunteers Quit over Truck Purchase Denial

A Georgia fire chief and the entire department have quit following a dispute over the purchase of a fire truck.

Lumpkin Fire Chief Greg Stewart requested the city buy a second fire truck, according to WTVM reported.

"He was ready to have a second truck on hand. I do want to have a second truck on hand. The one he found was a little expensive for what we have in the budget," Lumpkin Mayor Charles Gibson told reporters.

Tempers flared during the town meeting over the $120,000 truck. In the end, the vote was split three to three. The mayor broke the tie, and voted against it. 

He said while there may be a need for a second truck, the city shouldn't spend that much money on one.

Stewart quit, and took the entire fire department with him. 

"I did not ask him to leave. I wanted him to sit down with me and work it out," Gibson told the station.