Twenty Cows Killed when Truck Crashes in Kentucky

Fire crews encountered an overturned truck with dozens of cows that had gotten loose.

May 25--About 20 cows died when the truck that was carrying them overturned in Pulaski County on Friday.

The truck, with more than 70 cows on board, was headed to Nebraska from a Pulaski County farm when the driver lost control and the truck overturned near Eubank, the Herald-Leader's reporting partner, WKYT-TV reported.

"When we got here, you've got the cattle spooked, they are trying to get out and you have people trying to help, but they don't realize the cows are in such a state of panic, once they come out of there, they are going to run, and if you get in the way they are going to run you over," Duffy Sutton of Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement told the television station.

Nearby farmers helped round up cattle that were running loose, and nearly 20 cows died in the wreck or had to be put down.

In addition to vehicle enforcement, the Pulaski County sheriff's office, several fire departments and a hazardous materials unit responded to the wreck.

The truck driver was not injured.

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