N.Y. Volunteer's Car Stolen from EMS Scene

May 26--A Niagara County Sheriff's deputy driving along Lake Road about 10 a.m. Monday found a 2010 Ford F-150 reported stolen early Monday morning from the parking lot of a Ridge Road tavern.

The deputy said the truck was unoccupied but had damage in several different locations. It appeared to have struck something in the front and rear of the passenger side. The passenger side of the pickup was also scratched and the right rear tire appeared to be damaged.

Nearby the truck, deputies found a partially burned cigarette and a baggie that contained residue believed to be marijuana. The evidence was collected and forwarded to a lab.

The truck was towed from the scene and will be processed by sheriff's investigators.

The truck had been reported stolen from the parking lot of a Ridge Road tavern by a member of the Middleport Fire Co. about 2:30 a.m. Monday.

The man said he had responded to the tavern about 1 a.m. for an EMS call in the pickup. Twenty minutes later he went with the ambulance to transport a woman to Eastern Niagara Hospital in Newfane. When he came back at about 2:30, the truck was gone.

The man said he had left the truck unlocked with the keys in the ignition.

Deputies had the tavern's bartender come back out to the business and she told them she locked up and left at 2 a.m. She said two young men had been in the tavern just prior to closing but was unable to provide any further information.

The fire company member said there was a complete 800 EMS equipment bag in the truck valued at $5,000 and an envelope containing $100 cash.

Deputies did not report if the EMS equipment bag or money was found with the pickup.

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