Study: Boston Brass Best Paid in Country

While Boston Fire Department payroll is twice as high was New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, it's not going to the firefighters putting their lives in danger daily.

That was the conclusion of Gregory Sullivan, the former state inspector general, who studied and analyzed the budget, comparing it those of 30 cities, according to WCVB.

"I think this collective bargaining agreement is outrageous," Sullivan told the reporter. 

He noted the firefighters' pay is comparable to other cities but not for supervisors such as district chief. The base salary of a district chief is $95,193 in Baltimore, $131,552 in Chicago, $146,583 in New York and $162,118.11 in Boston.

"What this represents to me is financial generosity to the extreme, going to people who don't directly fight fires, the brass. The brass is overstaffed and it's overpaid," Sullivan said during the exclusive interview.

What it means is that Boston's 148 brass will be paid more than Gov. Deval Patrick who earns $150,800 a year year and 256 will make more than Stephen Coan, the Massachusetts state fire marshal, who made $137,985 last year.