Bear Rescued From Tree by Portland, Ore., Firefighters

The concerted efforts of Portland Fire & Rescue, Portland Police, and The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have succeeded in safely rescuing a 2-year-old black bear from a tree in Northeast Portland.

The incident, a rarity for Portland, was drawn to a close after firefighters from Portland's technical rescue team--using a specialized harness and straps--lowered the bear 35 feet from the tree.

The bear was spotted early this morning and was pursued by police and game officials before taking refuge in the Northeast Portland pine tree. First attempts to retrieve the bear using a ladder truck were unsuccessful, as responders were not certain the animal could be rescued without risking it harm.

The bear was sedated, and technical rescue firefighters then accessed the tree and bear from the ground up. The bear was taken into the care of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who will evaluate the animal, which appeared unharmed.

Because the bear did no damage or harm, the bear will be released back into the wild.