Video: Off-duty Dispatcher Rescues Couple from N.J. Fire

An off-duty police dispatcher was in the right place at the right time Monday morning when he rescued two people from a burning home in Carteret.

Eric Seniakevgch, who is also a volunteer firefighter in Woodbridge, was headed to work around 5 a.m. when he saw a column of smoke.

When he arrived five occupants had already escaped, according to WNBC.

He broke out a basement window and saw two people laying face down. 

He pulled the woman out of the window.

Unable to get the man out, he grabbed a sledge hammer and created a larger hole before pulling the man out.

"He had them out before the fire engine arrived," a Carteret fire official said.  

"Right time and the right place. I'm happy I was there to help somebody out," Seniakevgch. "It's what I do and what I was taught to do." 

WNBC-TV's helicopter captured video as fire engulfed the rear of the home. See their video here.