Video: Four Okla. Firefighters Escape Close Call

Tulsa firefighters were caught in a deadly trap as high winds forced them to rush out of a house fire on Tuesday. 

"You see this red and orange and yellow ocean. It's circling in this room, like nothing we've ever seen before," Captain Justin Breedlove told KJRH-TV. "When we weren't making any headway and we turned around and saw the fire behind us, now we're trapped between two walls of fire."

Crews believed two children were in the home when they arrived.

According to the television station, a 30 mile per hour wind fanned the flames toward the firefighters when a flashover occured.

They were able to follow the hoseline out of the structure to safety.

Watch the Video Here

"It scared me for a minute too. The times you look at that and think 'this is something I haven't seen and we want to get out.'" Breedlove said.

Their helmets and SCBA face pieces suffered extensive heat damage.