OK for Reno Firefighters to Show up Under Influence of Alcohol, Drugs

In Reno, it's OK if firefighters show up on duty under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The leeway -- courtesy of the IAFF and the city -- was passed in 2002, according to The Reno Gazette-Journal.

And, reporters noted it doesn't seem to be high on the list of priorities for anyone.

The alcohol test is not considered positive below .08 percent, which is also the limit for driving under the influence.

The policy also states the allowable limit of marijuana is five times the legal limit for driving, while the acceptable limit of amphetamines and cocaine is twice the legal limit for driving, the paper reported.

IAFF President Dennis Jacobsen told the reporter: "The policy seems to work. If you could show me eight or nine occurrences where you've proven the policy is inadequate, then absolutely we would sit down with the city. But I don't want to try and fix something that is so rarely used."

Fire Chief Michael Hernandez agreed, saying: "What I'm sensing is you're trying to make an issue out of something that really isn't an issue. "Granted it's a higher threshold, but does that mean firefighters are coming to work drunk? No."

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