N.C. Firefighter Rescues Friend from Fire

Youngsville firefighter Terry Perry was pulling up to his friend Ransom Bennett 's house on Waiters Way in Youngsville, last week to bring him some breakfast. But it turns out he was about to trade in a nice gesture into saving the life of his friend on June 14.

Perry was bringing his friend a bite to eat since Bennett has had a difficult time getting around after an accident a number of months ago. Ransom recently returned home after several months in rehab following the accident. 

When Perry pulled up this morning the front yard was full of smoke. "I thought someone was burning leaves," Bennett said.

But it turns out it wasn't leaves burning, it was Bennett's house. 

Perry leapt into firefighter mode, went into the home, and helped his handicapped friend out of the burning home while sustaining some burn injuries along the way. 

Ransom reported Terry had burned his arm helping him out of the fire. Terry was taken to the hospital by Youngsville Rescue & EMS.

Jessica Perry later reported he had sustained burns on his arms and legs.

One can only imagine what would have happened to Ransom Bennett if his friend Terry Perry had not arrived when he did.

Firefighters from Youngsville, Franklinton, and Mitchiner's Crossroads descended onto the court. Wake Forest had been called in as well.

The homeowner, Ransom Bennett, said he believes the fire began in an area where the electric water heater and fuse box were located.

Youngsville Fire Chief Tommie Lloyd and Assistant Chief David Williams were on the scene and managing operations as the fire was successfully brought under control and extinguished.

While it is tragic that the event happened, members of local fire departments, Franklin Sheriff's office, and Youngsville Rescue & EMS came together to save a life and extinguish a fire. Heroes all.

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