Mom on Mission to Buy Boots for Detroit Firefighters

As the song goes, 'These boots were made for walkin.'

But, firefighters don't wear just any boots. They need the right ones to protect them when they rush into burning buildings or work in other hazardous environments. 

A Detroit mother knows that too, and is now on a mission to make sure firefighters at least one station -- Ladder 22 -- have the proper footwear, WDIV reported.

Sheila Crowell found out about the boot issue when she volunteered at the polls last year held at the fire house.

Having lost her son months before, she's adopted firefighters, and says she wants to make sure they have the right boots for the job.

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Top of the line firefighting boots cost more than $300, so Crowell has been raising money to buy 28 pairs of the boots for firefighters at Ladder 22 and Engine 34. But, the determined mother was able to lower the cost of the boots from $320 to $194 a pair.

A fundraiser for the boot drive was held Saturday, and about $1,500 was raised, which was short of her goal. But, she told reporters she's hoping people reach into their pockets to help. A local auto workers' union also agreed to pitch in, and is buying five pairs of boots.

This isn't the first time Detroit firefighters have accepted help. A few years ago, the world learned they had to buy their own toilet paper.

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