Collapse Creates Close Call for Fort Worth Firefighers

A Mayday was called early Friday morning when a ceiling collapsed on Fort Worth firefighters who were tackling a dwelling fire. 

Firefighters from Engine 7 found an attached garage of a home in the 7500 block of Woodfield Road fully involved.

The crew, including firefighters Jimmy Gray and Dallas Murr, pulled a two-inch attack line and began

to hit the flames in the garage before moving inside the one-story home.

While working in the kitchen of the home, a section of the ceiling collapsed on the firefighters.

A Mayday was called and Gray was briefly trapped.

"Both men were able to free themselves from the debris and were conscious and alert when transported to the hospital," said Fort Worth Fire Spokesman Timothy Hardeman.

The two, with 14 and nine years on the department, were transported to Harris-Fort Worth Hospital for evaluation. They are expected to return to duty on their next shift.

A neighbor knocked on the door of the burning home and the female occupant said she didn’t believe the man until she saw the flames. 

The five residents escaped unharmed.