Truck Crashes into Canadian Firehouse Sparking Blaze

A Canadian firehouse and three of its fire trucks were severely damaged by fire Monday morning caused by a vehicle.

A witness saw the man driving erratically before he crashed his truck into the Nackawic Fire Department about 7:30 a.m.

“I noticed the guy sort of driving weird so I seen him pull into the fire hall and then all I hear is a ‘bang’ and a cloud of smoke come up, Matt McBride told AtlanticCTV reporters.

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Firefighters were on scene almost immediately. They scrambled to save their equipment but when the garage doors failed to open, they crashed their fire trucks through them, witnesses said.

One firefighter sustained minor injuries.

“He drove right into the fire hall and it was burning hard. I told the guy that’s in the hospital right now, run in and get that truck out, number four, so we have one," Nackawic Capt. Leo Lanteigne told reporters.

Three of the department’s four trucks, and much of its equipment, sustained significant damage in the fire.

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“We’ve been given two trucks to go with the one that we have that’s still operational and we’re looking at getting set up in the former DNR building over in the Industrial Park,” Chief William Hopkins said. “They have a garage over there and an office so we should be able to set up over there.”

The driver has been charged with a number of offenses including operating under the influence.