Fire Pickup, Pumper Collide in Georgia

July 29--THOMASVILLE -- A Thomas County Fire/Rescue truck collided with a Thomas County Fire/Rescue pumper midmorning Tuesday at a busy Thomasville intersection.

A 2000 Ford pickup truck was traveling behind a 1976 Maxim pumper at U.S. 19 South and Remington Avenue when the truck struck the rear of the pumper at the intersection.

Chief Chris Jones said the truck and pumper were southbound on 19 when the vehicles turned onto Remington. The Maxim slowed to allow a vehicle into a Remington lane, and the pickup struck the rear of the pumper.

The front of the truck traveled under the rear of the Maxim.

"It bent the hood and fender and radiator," Jones said. Damage to the truck was "moderate to severe."

Fire/rescue employees had traveled to the Dillon fire station in the truck to bring the pumper to the Remington fire/rescue station.

Neither Capt. Jeff Osgatharpe, driver of the pickup, nor Chris Keen, who was driving the pumper, were injured.

The chief said Osgatharpe has a spotless driving record, but there is no excuse for the wreck.

"I have not seen the report to see what might have been prevented," Jones said.

Other information about the wreck was not available Tuesday from Thomasville Police Department, the investigating agency.

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